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Traffic Talk – Episode #5.

Anthony Mangun is the Senior Pastor of The Pentecostals of Alexandria in Alexandria, LA.
Church Website:
Twitter: @AnthonyMangun

Anthony Mangun Describes His Calling:

Questions in this interview:

0:53 – What is your favorite Bible story and your favorite Bible character?
3:16 – When you have some free time, what do you like to do to “veg out” and refuel?
3:34 – How was your first sermon?
4:48 – What is your least favorite and most favorite thing about being a pastor?
6:40 – When you assumed the role of lead pastor of the POA, did you find it intimidating to follow in your father’s footsteps?
10:54 – Do you have any major blunders that you’ve ever committed in the pulpit?
12:36 – Share a couple of stories about your dad with us.
20:00 – If you could relive your years of pastoring would you do anything differently?

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