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Traffic Talk – Episode #1.
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Brad Thompson has been a missionary to Guatemala with the UPCI since 1985.
Twitter: @bradethompson

Questions in this interview:

0:15 – Tell us about Guatemalan coffee.
0:53 – How old and where were you when you first felt called into ministry?
3:33 – Do you feel there is more of a receptivity to God outside of North America, or is that a cop-out we use?
4:57 – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the mission field?
7:03 – What’s the coolest miracle you have ever seen?
10:08 – In retrospect, is there something you wish someone had told you before you went to the field?
11:51 – Do you miss the snow in New Brunswick?
12:50 – If you could say one thing to someone who is the same age you were when you went to Guatemala, what would you tell them?

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