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Traffic Talk – Episode #6.

Lee Stoneking is an international evangelist with the UPCI.
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Questions in this interview:

0:38 – How do you feel about people imitating you?
2:20 – Tell us about your upbringing and eventual conversion to Pentecost.
6:20 – Tell us about your “calling” experience. What was it that drove you to be a preacher?
10:54 – Is your remaining single something that you committed to God or is it just how life unfolded?
12:55 – Being single, what safeguards did you have in your life to maintain moral purity?
15:49 – Tell me about your most memorable miracle.
17:50 – What is one of your more amusing experiences from your travels?
18:49 – Do you have an embarrassing moment you would like to share?
20:23 – What is my generation doing well and what could we be doing better?

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