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Traffic Talk – Episode #3.

Mark Brown is the pastor of Jesus Church in Watertown South Dakota and also serves as Youth President in his district.
Church Website:
Twitter: @MBrownsPocket

Questions in thie interview:

0:30 – Who is your favorite preacher? Favorite sermon?
1:57 – What is your favorite coffee place? Drink of choice?
4:16 – In church, what is your go-to dance move?
5:08 – When you went to Watertown, did you have a plan in place and how did that change after you arrived?
7:34 – To someone who loves God but struggles with sin, what is the best way to break the sin cycle?
9:25 – What is one moment with God that you will never forget?
12:03 – What is the funniest or strangest thing you’ve seen in your ministry experience?
13:29 – Why do you always wear a black suit, white shirt and black tie when you preach?
15:17 – Any final words before we sign off?

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