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Traffic Talk – Episode #11.

Michael Ensey leads the General Youth Division (GYD) as the General Youth President of the UPCI.
Twitter: @MichaelEnsey

Questions in this interview:

0:34 – What does a typical day look like in the life of Michael Ensey?
2:23 – Are there any unique things the GYD does to help keep the team motivated and focused?
4:45 – In one of the NAYC planing cycles, what is something you love and something you dread?
7:07 – At what point did you realize that you needed to move to a larger facility for NAYC?
12:51 – What is one of the coolest SFC stories that you have heard?
16:23 – Share one of the funniest or strangest ministry experiences you’ve had.
18:45 – What is your sermon prep process?

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